Thursday, 3 July 2014

World Languages Day at Manuel Mejia Vallejo

Yesterday was a  very special at Manuel Mejía Vallejo because Senora Cooka and Senorita Blakesley hsd World Languages Day with the children. Reception did English, Year 1 French, Year 2 Portuguese, Year 3 and 4 Arabic and Year 5 German. We had workshops during the day then had a whole school conversation just like the one at Rise Park last November in World Languages week!

 All the children watched our World Languages videos before they started their language workshops

 Martin was having a whale of a time helping Reception with their English

We shared all the work Rise Park Primary had sent and Year 5 enjoyed reading Year 5’s self portraits – so much so that they will be writing their own self portraits in Spanish today! 

A huge thank you to Year 4 at Rise Park for teaching the Year 4 children at Manuel Mejía Arabic – they learnt a lot from you!

The children (and teachers!) were BLOWN away with the SALVO pop video – what an incredible achievement! The children were very excited and inspired by the Spanish version of Taylor Swift’s  ‘Nunca volvere contigo.’

 We have had a Rise Park exhibition area for the children to enjoy all your interesting and creative work - thank you Rise Park.

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