Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A beautiful panorama of Medellin

We had lunch up in the mountains with the teachers from Manuel Mejia and had this amazing view to enjoy for pudding! The views in the city are very different to those in the countryside when we were in Guatape.


  1. Hello. It looks like you are having an amazing time. Did you buy some loom bands Senora Cooke? and Mrs Basavci wants to know if they sell glitter in Colombia and use it in their school? Also is Miss Blakesley going to be on the telly with Senora Cooke? and where is Martine?
    Adios we are just about to go for la comida. Thinking of you.
    The monkeys in F2BC.

  2. Hello Monkeys!
    We haven't bought any loom bands but they are REALLY popular here and the children weave at break times. As for glitter ... well they use glitter paint... a lot!! Check out the eco ideas post as a lot of the crafts the children have created use plastic bottles. As for throwing glitter around in a way only Mrs. Bascavi can ... we have yet to see it happen! We are likely to be on telly tomorrow - very exciting! Yesterday we were in a local newspaper which was very exciting for the school. Hopefully you have seen our World Languages day post and seen how much fun Martin is having with the children helping them to speak English. We miss you lots! Lots of love S. Cooke and S. Blakesley