Friday, 4 July 2014


In Year 2 Señorita Blakesley told the children the story of ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’ and the children talked in Spanish about ideas for caring for our planet so it won’t get spoiled. They did the same activity that Year 2 at Rise Park had done, writing ideas and advice on a dinosaur. Year 2 at Rise Park will enjoy comparing their ideas with the ones that MMV children came up with.  

Year 2 enjoying looking at Rise Park Year 2's homework projects about reducing, reusing and recycling. 

 At the heart of school life at Manuel Mejia Vallejo is the commitment to helping to care for planet earth.  To help them to do this, the whole school is involved in Eco Ideas. In a cardboard box in the corner of every classroom the children collect plastic bottles and lids for different projects in school.

 Everyone in the school  is involved in designing various items from plastic bottles, from as small a thing as a flower, to tables! Larger bottles are also used as collection containers for the different things that are made in school. They can even make pencil cases from crisp packets!

 Year 10 spent some time with Señora Cooke and Señorita Blakesley showing us their amazing art work, like these football team badges made partly from recycled materials.

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  1. is a inspiration for the children,they can help the planet with this project and they can see the word of a different form.