Monday, 30 June 2014

Señorita Blakesley's Momento especial - Climbing El peñol

In Guatape there is a 600 metre high rock which is a fantastic sight seeing point. Here are Walter and Señora Cooke before the big climb!  

Señorita Blakesley and Walter took Raquel to the top of El Peñol while Señora Cooke looked after Raul at the bottom as he is a bit scared of heights!

After a bit of a hike up some very steep stairs - 650 in total - we finally made it and the view was absolutely breathtaking...
 The water you can see is a reservoir built over village that flooded some years ago. Sometimes you can see the steeples of the church when there hasn't been much rain and the water level is low.

 Raquel didn't want to miss out on a photo opp - she gave Raul and Señora Cooke a wave!


  1. How brave Señorita Blakesley y Raquel!

  2. Hola from 3S!
    We think it would be a good idea if Raul and Raquel went for a dive in the underwater village to see what it is like.
    Hope you are having a lovely time :)

  3. Hi 3S. That's a great idea! They have been having a wonderful time with the children in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 - so maybe one day! We are having a great time thank you.
    See you on Tuesday! S. Cooke and S.Blakesley